Limited Engagement

 Previews begin JUNE 28

 Tickets from $10


Odd Man Out is an immersive experience in complete darkness that  includes actors surrounding the audience and  sensorial special effects: You will experience a story through sound, smell, taste and touch. You will even feel weather happening inside the room.  In Odd Man Out, you will relive the life of an aging blind musician flying back to his homeland as he confronts the past he left behind. 

The PITCHBLACK THEATER technique was developed in Argentina by blind artists and it has expanded throughout the world.  Alberto, the protagonist, is blind, and the audience experiences his life through the “blind” eyes of his character. Our expert team of technicians will take you on a journey beyond your wildest imagination, challenging your limits and awakening your senses. What you see when you can’t use your eyes – that’s the excitement of ODD MAN OUT.

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